Cheaper than a Plumber – The Ridgid 59787 K-3 3-foot Toilet Auger with Bulb Head

It’s probably not a scenario that a lot of people talk about openly but eventually, everyone will probably experience a clogged toilet that does not unclog after futile attempts with a plunger. I’ll admit that it’s happened at our house. There can be a lot of factors that could lead to a stubborn toilet clog. Older plumbing can be a frequent problem. If you have ever decided to buy an older house out in the country in order to try and create a little homestead for yourself, you can often be faced with plumbing that should be drawing social security checks. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of plumbing basics and learned what tools work and what tools don’t.

The Toilet is Clogged – To Call A Plumber or Fix it Yourself?

I come from a background where my father and grandfather seemed like they could do just about anything. I must have at least absorbed that self confidence, even if I didn’t always directly learn the knowledge at the time. So as an adult, who strives to do things for his family and be as self sufficient as possible in a very co-dependent world, I am not afraid to tackle basic plumbing tasks. Not everyone will have that comfort level. If the idea of getting dirty or possibly breaking something makes you uncomfortable, then you should call a plumber and get out the checkbook.

But for those of us willing to risk getting dirty, I say fix that clogged toilet yourself. But in my experience, you’re going to need a specialized piece of equipment that you may not already have. A Toilet Auger is a specialized auger that is designed to clean out clogs from a toilet. Toilet Augers are designed with a guard to protect the porcelain of your toilet.

Toilet Augers – To Buy a Cheap One or a Quality Product?

I’m not proud to say it, but the first time we encountered a clogged toilet at our place, I drove to town and bought the cheapest toilet auger I found at the hardware store. It was a quarter of the cost of the quality auger, but I figured I would only need it once. I would later learn that if you have a clogged toilet once, you’re probably also going to have future encounters with a clogged toilet.

I took the cheap auger home and began working on the toilet. Toilet augers have some sort of guard or shielding that is supposed to protect the toilet porcelain from being scratched or chipped by the auger. The cheap auger was designed with a thing plastic sheathing. Moments into using the cheap auger, the thin plastic sheathing cracked and broke at the area where I needed the protection most. I was cursing a bit at this point, but I kept going and was able to unclog the drain. I had to be careful when I removed the cheap auger. I also had to reach in with a gloved hand and remove the large chunks of plastic from the bowl. I got lucky that I didn’t damage my toilet when the guard broke. But it just proved what my elders had always told me, “Buy cheap tools, you’ll pay twice!”

Ridgid K-3 3-foot Toilet Auger

A few months later, my one year old decided to feed the toilet a large amount of toilet paper and flush it. Since I had broken the guard on the cheap auger, I needed a new one and this time I decided that I needed something that would last. The Ridgid K-3 3-Foot Toilet Auger fit that bill. Unlike the cheaper toilet augers, the Rigid is built for real use. And it works like a dream!

Quality Toilet Auger - The Ridgid K-3 3 ft Toilet Auger

Features of the Ridgid K-3 3-Ft Toilet Auger

-Vinyl guard to protect porcelain.
-Durable, kink-resistant, 1/2″ compression-wrapped Inner Core Cable.
-Large, ergonomically designed handles.
-Can negotiate water-conserving toilets.

The K-3 Toilet Auger is so much better built than the low quality cheap augers on the market. Instead of frail and brittle plastic sheathing, the K-3 Toilet Auger is built with a vinyl guard that will keep your toilet protected. Plus the large handles make rotating the auger much easier, which makes the job go much faster. A quality toilet auger can make the job of unclogging a toilet incredibly fast. In fact, clean up took longer last time than the actual job itself.

Check out this video from Ridgid demonstrating the ease of use of the K-3 Toilet Auger:

You can purchase a cheap auger, but you run the risk of damaging your toilet not to mention the frustration that often comes with using an inferior product. But I would encourage you to buy the Ridgid K-3 Toilet Auger. The Ridgid 59787 K-3 Toilet Auger is a quality tool that is backed by Ridgid’s lifetime warranty. When you have a plumbing emergency (and believe me, a clogged toilet is a plumbing emergency!) you want to have the best tool at your disposal. The Ridgid K-3 Toilet Auger is the best tool for self sufficient minded people willing to roll up their sleeves.

Where Can You Buy the Ridgid K-3 Toilet Auger

I’ve looked around at prices for the Ridgid 59787 K-3 3 Foot Toilet Auger on the internet and have seen everything from $35 to $50. Currently, the best price I can find is at Amazon. Plus as a bonus, the Rigid K-3 Toilet Auger currently qualifies for their FREE Super Saver Shipping! Click here to check out the current price on Amazon